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Farmworkers left behind by broken labor and disaster aid systems

Labor laws exclude most agricultural workers from historic worker protections, and policy reform to better protect workers remains stagnant. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed massive shortcomings in the nation’s labor and disaster aid systems, which have for decades failed to protect workers who come to the U.S. every year for seasonal work.

Before the storm: Without emergency alerts in Spanish, Latino immigrants in rural N.C. are left out of local emergency preparedness

Each hurricane season, eastern North Carolina braces for the worst. But emergency planning, response and recovery efforts neglect a major marginalized population: rural Latinos. Without emergency alerts in their language or recovery support specific to community needs, immigrant workers and families navigate an emergency management system that fails to include them, putting their jobs and livelihoods on the line to survive a disaster and its aftermath.


Enlace Latino NC es el primer medio digital de noticias en español sin fines de lucro, sobre política,inmigración y asuntos comunitarios para la comunidad inmigrante latina/hispana en Carolina del Norte

Estamos creando el primer espacio comprometido con nuestros lectores para animarlos a que estén más involucrados en los cambios sociales y económicos que beneficien a su comunidad

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