Election 2020

North Carolina, Raleigh- The 2020 general election is approaching, and its results will be crucial for the future of the Latino community in the United States and in North Carolina.

In the midst of the current economic and health crisis, the Latino community has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are also the largest ethnic or racial group of voters: with at least 32 million Latino people eligible to vote, we can determine who wins the election.

We have great power as a community. We cannot miss this opportunity to raise our voices and to demonstrate through the ballot box that our demands must be heard.

At Enlace Latino NC, every day we cover the stories that affect Hispanic families.

We know about discrimination, police violence, poverty, educational inequality, job insecurity, and ICE’s arbitrary persecution of many of our colleagues, friends, family, and readers. But we are convinced that by participating in the electoral process we can influence the outcome and transform our reality, so we can live in a more just country, as well as state.

That is why this Tuesday, September 8th, at Enlace Latino NC we launched the #TuVotoEsPoder campaign.

Accompanied by a team of photojournalists, designers, video editors, podcast producers, and activists, we want to call on members of the Latino community to register to vote and express their voices at the polls.

«No doubt»

“No doubt this will be one of the most important elections of this decade,” said Paola Jaramillo, co-founder and executive director of Enlace Latino NC. “There are over 300,000 Latinos eligible to vote in North Carolina. Registering and voting are two of the best ways to show that you value your community and that you care about it. Your vote is power! ”, Indicated Jaramillo.

Our campaign includes news stories with information about voter registration, infographics depicting statistics and instructions, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram posts, our WhatsApp network, and podcasts. But above all, we did what we do best as a journalistic team: we took to the streets to talk with our neighbors, so they could describe their daily reality and reaffirm the power we have as a community.

We recorded all these exchanges, and we will share those videos as election day approaches.

“We are all involved in this campaign,” said Walter Gómez, co-founder and executive editor of Enlace Latino NC. “If you are a citizen, register to vote. And if you are undocumented or still cannot vote, you also have power: talk to your family members, your neighbors, friends, people at your church or workplace. Invite them to register and vote this November 3rd”, said Gómez.

We are also proud to have the support of the NC Poor People’s Campaign, an organization that challenges the evils of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, and ecological devastation, across the country.

“The #YourVoteEsPoder campaign video series is critical because it addresses the impact that various state draft bills have had on individual and family life in our community. It is a statement from our people towards our government leaders. It is also a reminder for representatives to work for the people instead of their political party, and beyond their ideological affiliations. Essentially, the video series is a lament and a demand towards the public agenda, ”said Ana Ilarraza Blackburn, co-Chair of the NC Poor People’s Campaign.

At Enlace Latino NC we know that many of our colleagues, friends, relatives, and readers are undocumented and therefore cannot vote.

That’s why we double down on our commitment so that those who can, register, and vote:

  • we want to raise our voice for those who cannot.
  • Because we seek the expansion of Medicaid.
  • Because we need changes in unemployment insurance.
  • We must protect our families.
  • Because we demand more equitable schooling.
  • We demand urgent immigration reform.
  • Because we are aware that our destiny is at risk in this election.
  • We want a better life.
  • Because we want systemic change.
  • We want to live without hate and discrimination.

Because we know that Our Vote is Power!

*This project was produced with support from a grant from the American Press Institute.

Nicolás Baintrub es periodista argentino y hace parte del equipo de Enlace Latino NC. Cree en el periodismo como vehículo para contar buenas historias con compromiso social, rigor en la investigación...

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